Schedule – Friday Nights – 9:45 pm – Midnight

Andre Vanterpool

Andre Vanterpool

Fall League – 2014
October 10    –    Game 1
October 17    –    Game 2
October 24    –    Game 3
October 31    –    No Games
November 7   –   Game 4
November 14   – Game 5
November 21   – Game 6
November 28  –  No Games
December 5   –    No Games
December 12   –  Game 7
December 19   –  Game 8
December 26  –  No Games
January 2     –     No Games

Winter League – 2015
January 9     –     Game 1
January 16    –    Game 2
January 23    –    Game 3
January 30    –    Game 4
February 6    –     No Games
February 13    –   Game 5
February 20    –  Game 6
February 27    –   Game 7
March 6       –      Game 8

Each team must have at least 4 people and can have as many as they want on their roster.  Each team must have at least one rookie player.  Each team member must be a current member of the Whitefish Curling Club.  The cost per team is $300.00 per season. Fall season is October 10th – December 19th  and Winter Season is January 9th – March 6th  so a total of $600.00 for a team to play for the entire league year.   Make checks payable to Whitefish Curling Club.  Team fees must be paid in full before the team can play.

Individual Membership Dues
Each individual that plays on a team must be a member of the Whitefish Curling Club.  Membership dues for the entire league year are $45.00 per person.  Dues include a membership to USA Curling and MoPac (Mountain Pacific Region of USA Curling) and a subscription to USA Curling’s magazine “Curling News” for each member.  Dues must be paid by cash or check and a release form signed before any individual can play.  Membership dues can be paid before any game night at the Stumptown Ice Den.

Equipment provided by the club includes stones, hacks, scoreboards, brooms, sliders and delivery aids.  Players are welcome to use their own brooms, sliders and delivery aids.  Please come prepared for spending 2 hours on the ice including wearing warm clothing, clean shoes and any safety gear you feel necessary such as helmets and other padding.

All games are played at the Stumptown Ice Den located at 725 Wisconsin Avenue in Whitefish.  Games are scheduled to start at 9:45 pm.  Team members are asked to show up 15 minutes early in order to help set-up equipment such as getting the stones out, pebbling, installing the hacks, setting up the scoreboards, etc.  Game play is expected to end at 12:00 midnight and no ends should be started after 11:45 pm.  Teams members are expected to help at the end of their game by putting away their stones, hacks, brooms, sliders, scoreboards and clean up your own trash.  Please remember to report the score of your game before leaving.